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1) Do your products have an expiration date? If the seed packet is not opened, our products can be stored in a climate-controlled environment out of direct sunlight for one to two years; however, for best results, we recommend using them as soon as possible.  

2) Can the product be grown all year round? Yes, as it is recommended that they are grown indoors. Be sure that the air temperature in the environment is suitable for growing. If not, then wait for season when environment is right temperature. 

3) Are the seeds organic? Our products are not organic. The source of our seeds and the growing media used in our products are leading horticultural suppliers from Japan, UK, EU and USA.

4) Did not sprout? While our products have a bit of magic about them, they do not magically or automatically sprout seeds. The process is all nature’s magic! That means that you must orchestrate all the elements (water, temperature, and oxygen) necessary for the seed to germinate. The reason your seed did not germinate: 

  • Temperature is not appropriate or consistent. Each plant has a temperature suitable for germination, so please refer to the germination temperature in the instructions. 
  • Water is either too much or too little. Water is necessary for seed to germinate, but when the seeds are too wet, then the seeds cannot absorb oxygen sufficiently. If the seeds are too dry, they do not have enough moisture to swell up and trigger the germination process.
  • Seeds planted to deeply or pressed down. Better seeds are planted too swallow, then too deep. Place on the top of the potting mix and just cover light. This does not apply to seeds that require light to germinate. They should not be covered.
  • Light. There are seed types that require light and some that do not. Read the product instructions closely. 

5) My plant stopped growing. Nearly all our products require that the plant be transplanted to a larger container or pot to continued to grow and fully mature. Please follow the product instructions in this regard.

6) Can I eat the plants that your products grow? Our products which content seeds of edible plants will only be suitable and safe to eat if then have been raised and harvested in a safe manner. The risk is bore by the grower.

7) Exposure times for Sunography. The time needed to expose a print depends on the strength of the sun. Summer sun is stronger than winter sun. Sunlight on a sunny day is stronger than a partly sunny day. For a deep, rich blue print expose on a sunny day for 10-15 minutes, and on a partly sunny day or sunny winter day for 15-25 minutes.