Crack & Grow Eggling

The amazing Eggling. Looks and feels like a large egg, but gently tap its top and discover a garden ready to grow. A bestseller for 15 years! An original design, made in Japan, imported by Noted.

One Thousand Years of Creating with Clay

Many of Noted’s products are made in the Seto, Japan by small, family firms. These ceramists make products by hand in small production runs with an attention to detail and quality. Seto is one of Japan’s six ancient kiln towns. It has a been famous for its ceramics for over 1,000 years. Today Seto and the Aichi prefecture are home to a broad range of ceramic producers from craftsman to industrial manufacturers.

How to Raise Basil

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Red & Delicious

The rewards of growing Wild Strawberries

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Prickly but Really Nice

Entering into a relationship with a Golden Barrel Cactus 

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