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London 2007

Noted started with one person and a few products. Over time hard work, luck & serendipity brought the right people, products and customers together. Noted’s small, dedicated staff continues its creative collaboration with our partners, especially those in Japan, to make cute and clever products. We hope you enjoy them!

We Care About

Community - supporting the communities where we work by giving back via in-kind and cash donations. This includes our local churches, schools, and social services. 

Environment - seeking to limit the environmental impact of our products by using eco-friendly, sustainable materials, minimizing packaging and recycling. 

Ethics - working with suppliers who operate with transparency and integrity, complying with international and local laws.

Respect - honoring the work of designers and artists by respecting the ownership of their work.

Our Products

Noted products are made and assembled in small batches by makers in Japan, Great Britain or America. Regardless of country, Noted strives to thoughtfully make products using quality materials & processes.

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