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Haiku for You
Japan's short form of poetry, called Haiku, is well-known around the world. The most famous haiku of all was written by Matsuo Basho in 1686. It is called "Old Pond"and features a frog. Each Poem + Plant has a simple but evocative haiku hidden inside. Just pull the string on the bottom to reveal the paper slip with poem (in English and Japanese) along with a lucky message. What's more the paper slip is embedded with flower seeds. So when you have finished reading the poem, plant it and watch another kind of poetry unfold!

Materials: Paper-pulp clay lucky token with paper fortune inside. Seeds of either Sweet Alyssum, Creeping Daisy, or Garden Petunia are embedded in the paper fortune.

Dimensions: 5 x 4.45 x 4.45 cm

Origin: Japan

Item Only Sold in Packs of 24 Assorted Colours